Friday, September 23, 2016

Service Of USPS Hold Mail

If you're going to be away from home for a while, the your local post office can hold your mail to avoid an overflowing mailbox. Fine.

In the old days (and you can still do this), you went to the office and filled out a form (PDF). Someone on the show who has done this said the Postal Service doesn't validate the identity of the person who requests mail to be held. It validates only the identity of the person who comes to pick up the mail.

Government techies copied this manual system to the Internet.

You can go to (or click on Hold Mail at the Postal Service home page, as shown below) and put a hold on mail delivery. Notice that I didn't say put a hold on your mail delivery. You can put a hold on mail delivered to anyone. This is true with the traditional system, too, but the Internet makes it worse, adding more anonymity and making the process easier. Too easy.

The agency site claims that it needs a name, address, and phone number to stop mail delivery. When tested, however, this turns out not to be the case. Requests with wrong names and wrong phone numbers were accepted, according to a listener who wrote in to the show. All you really need to know is an address.

And with the address, you can stop all mail delivery, not just mail to one person. Quoting from the Frequently Asked Questions: "All mail, regardless of name, will be held for the address entered. Submitting an online Hold Mail request once is all that is required to hold mail delivery for everyone at the address."

Don't have a computer? Simply call 800-ASK-USPS

Details About Service Of USPS Hold Mail Service:

When you have to stay out for a period with some packages to receive at your door, how to do it. With USPS Hold Mail Service, the tough nut can be easily settled. Fill out a form online or give a trip to a local USPS post office to request the service, and you may have your items safely held at USPS up to 30 days and pick them up at your convenience when you are back.

Hold Mail Service Features

USPS Hold Mail Service enjoys extensive popularity due to its fabullous features. For example, you will have your mails securely held at a local USPS post office up to 30 days unitl your return. Besides, once you get enrolled, all mails for the address given will be held, rather than your own ones. For schduling the service, you can make it up to 30 days in advance or by 2 a.m. on the start date,

One thing to note is that Hold Mail Service is avaulable for one address at a time.

How to Request USPS Hold Mail Service

Visit the Hold Mail Service Center by clicking here.
Input your name, phone number, street address, email address, apartment, city and zip code.
Choose your state and read the privacy policy. One thing to note is that the service is not availble for some states, so check your qualification by clicking the corresponding button.
If eligible, select a start & end date and a delivery option. With any additional instructions, enter them in the required field and then press the button marked “Submit”.
Afterwards, you can also edit or cancel your Hold Mail request in the Hold Mail Service Center.

Additionally, head for a local USPS post office to make the request in person.

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